Give it up, Stress

As I sit and listen to the final moments of my summer break tick by, I have become keenly aware of the visitor who returns each August.  I’ve never longed for him. I’ve never truly greeted him. I’ve never wanted him. In fact, my entire family has never wanted him around. But I’ve always just let him in for the ten-month long ride that is my school year.

Stress, don’t try to feel comfy or relaxed around me this year. I’m on to you. More importantly, my husband is on to you and your schemes.

My husband and I shared an incredible moment just the other day. He pulled me close and said, “I can see Stress sitting in the corner of this room, and he is not welcomed here.” As he held me tightly, I felt so secure and protected. An unbelievable peace came over me as my husband spoke over me, of how he would protect and guard me, of how Stress would have no seat in our house this year.

Is it absurd to think that my husband can keep Stress out of my home? Have I lost my mind by thinking he has that kind of power?  How can he do that?

Here are three things to do to keep Stress in his proper place: away from you.

1. Agree with one another to not relent to Stress and his schemes. Decide to be united in thought about this. It’s a choice; walk it out together.

2. Allow your husband to encourage you to keep Stress out of the home. He reassures you when he sees you have need.

3. Assess your stress levels to make sure you are letting go of things over which you have no control. Stress loves to make you think you can control it all; alas, you cannot.

When the pressure and strain of my school year want to take form and Stress tries to catch a ride into my home, it is totally proper and even expected for my husband to kick it right out.  Send Stress packing! We are.


5 thoughts on “Give it up, Stress

  1. Do you hear Matthew McConoughy saying the title like he does the electric company commercials? Hope I spelled his name correctly. Even if I didn’t, his is the voice I hear when I read the title.

  2. as you stated ..stress lets you think you can control it….to realize your full potential you need to realize who actually is in control, and here is a hint, it’s not you! someone higher. And that is the key…let go, let God.

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